Our workflow and payments

We'd like to be transparent as much as it is possible and we want to share our typical workflow of a work under each request and an important information of the payment schemes. 


Here is a list of steps that may be used mostly for all requests:

1) Request submission. The request can be created by a client or by a customer service manager as well. Usually, a client creates a request by himself and there are two available ways how a request can be submitted. More information you can find in this article;

2) Customer service manager confirms* that a request has been received and if there are no questions your request will be assigned to a technical team for review. If there are questions customer service manager will let you know by adding a comment to a request. In case if there is needed some additional information you'll receive an email notification about it. How to respond to a comment you will find out in this article;

3) Estimation. If all details have been clarified, customer service manager will provide you with an estimate/quote of the implementation for your request. Usually, it takes from 1 to 2 business days to prepare an estimate if all details are known;

4) Timeline. If a customer service manager has already provided an estimate/quote, you'll also know an approximate time-frame when to expect an implemented requirements according to the request on DEV** environment;

5) A start of work. We can schedule a task only if we have an approval from the client by adding an appropriate comment to a request;

6) Verification. As soon as a request is ready to review on DEV environment a customer service manager will notify a client by adding an appropriate comment to a request;

7) If a client found that something has been done in a wrong way or a client has any questions - feel free to add a comment to a request;

8) Deployment to Production. We never push our changes to Production without client's verification and confirmation that our changes are verified on DEV** environment and are ready to go Live. 

9) Verification by a client. When our changes have been deployed to a Live website a client will be asked to review it and confirm that everything is fine and has been implemented according to a description of a request. If a client does not reply within 31 days after the changes have been deployed to a Live website a request will be closed*** by customer service manager and a request will be considered as completed accordingly to the description of the request. 

* Customer service manager contacts a client usually during 2-4 working hours after a request has been created. Business hours our customer service managers are actively working to give a better sense of when to expect a response are from 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM (Kyiv time) from Monday to Friday. If your request was submitted out of working time a customer service manager will contact you next working day in the morning.

** We are ready to provide our own development server to place there a development version of a website for free in case if a client does not have his own development server and only for a period of active development/maintenance.  

*** If changes have been delivered to Production (or have been done on DEV or another environment only, or a copy of work hаs been delivered as a file) and a client had not replied to customer service manager in an appropriate ticket in service.drudesk.com for a set period of time we reserve the right to consider that the task was implemented according to requirements. In this situation, the system will mark a ticket as resolved and this will be a reason to invoice a client for a completed work according to a ticket. We provide 31 days after the delivery to review completed ticket and we have a system of pending notifications that should prevent the situation when a client did not know that a ticket is ready for review. 


We are flexible and we offer our clients different ways to make a payment. The most common of them are the following:
- by a credit card;
- by PayPal;
- by a bank transfer. 
- by money transfer (Western Union)

All the details regarding the payment options you may discuss with a customer service manager. 

We practice sending monthly invoices for apprroved work in case if it suits a client's needs. Also, we often divide payments into pre/post payment parts. Otherwise, we're open to cover each task by a separate invoice at any time when a client has requested. 

If you have any questions that may be related to this topic please contact us: support@service.drudesk.com